The Heights of Perdition by C.S. Johnson

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Hello there.

I am contacting you on behalf of C.S. Johnson in hopes that you could aid in increasing popularity to some of her already published books. In addition to that, we would love if you could help with the cover release and/or a review of one of her upcoming Fantasy novels.

If you are interested, I would highly recommend , “The Divine Space Pirates” series.  A beautiful book that crosses into several genres–Romance, Sci-Fi, and Dystopian themes–accompanied with a beautiful cover.


We can also do giveaways via ebook if you are interested!


If you would like to help us, we would love to get you the necessary materials for you to read, blog, and hopefully become a fan of some of Johnson’s work!


If you would like more information regarding the author or her works, please email me with any questions that you might have!


Other amazing YA novels that are definitely worth looking at can be found at Johnson’s Goodreads account.


Thank you!


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