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I received this book via Author. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Happy Release Day Awakening by Laura Greenwood!Awakening by Laura Greenwood
Series: Alventia, #1
Published by Nevermore Press on 2015-03-13
Length: 59 pages
Reviewing eARC from Author

Take a journey to an alternate world where not everything is what it seems.

In an effort to have a child, the Queen makes a deal with the Dark King, but she soon discovers that the deal has dire consequences for her beloved Sleeping Beauty. In an effort to help, the Queen’s mother alters the curse so that Keira will sleep for 100 years, but there is a catch; if Keira awakens before then she may still be doomed.

After sleeping for over 90 years, Keira is awoken by Philip, the son of the Dark King and the one she was intended for. Despite sharing his father's bloodline, Philip refuses to be like his father and won't make Keira do anything that she isn't ready for.

Supported by a powerful witch and her brother, Hansel and Gretel, Philip and Keira have to make a choice, one that will define Keira's destiny. Changing their lives forever.

Let me preface this review with saying that this novella was just okay for me. I’m not big on erotica books and this would qualify as such.

Awakening by Laura Greenwood is the first book in a unique retelling of the classic Sleeping Beauty. Keira is the princess of Alventia and her whole life she has heard the stories about her  mother’s curse. However she doesn’t believe them, until the eve of her 18th birthday she sits down at a spinning wheel, pricking her finger and falling into a wakeful sleep. Aware of what goes on around her but unable to respond, Keira drifts through life for 96 years until her Prince awakens her. But she doesn’t wake up human, instead she is now a vampire cursed to be either the greatest Queen Alventia has ever seen or usher in the Darkness to her kingdom.

Teaser for Awakening by Laura Greenwood


So I didn’t love the characters of this book. Keira and the Prince fell flat for me. There wasn’t a lot of exploration into the reasoning behind their actions. However since this is a novella I’m able to overlook this. Keira starts out as your typical princess, but during her sleep changes into what I call a vampire…you know drinking and craving blood, though daylight doesn’t seem to be an issue for her 😉 Philip the Dark King’s son is the prince lucky enough to waken her. Philip is kind and despite his upbringing I found him rather sweet. His whole focus is on Keira. Everything he has done has been for her. It’s a bit overwhelming to wake up after 96 years to find your Prince has been searching for you that long!

Teaser for Awakening by Laura Greenwood


This novella centers around Keira becoming whatever she’s become after her cursed sleep. Keira accepts her fate without much question or emotion. Me…I would’ve been freaking out if I woke up craving blood, Keira acted like it was just another day. Then there was the insta-love or I guess it was more lust between Philip and Keira that then turned to love. I don’t know why but it kinda annoyed me. I mean she wakes up after 96 years and basically jumps the guy. I mean kiss the guy sure but jump in the sack with him…I don’t think so.

Overall the premise of the story was intriguing and the ending itself was enough to leave me wanting to read the next one. Also I love the tie in to Hansel and Gretel. In this retelling they are seers and Gretel is a powerful witch. I Gretel! She’s my fave character. If you enjoy dark fantasy, fairy tale retellings, and new adult then I think you’ll enjoy this book. Just keep in mind it is a novella, so it is short!

Final Conclusion: & 1/2 


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